Why Our Sustainable Prefab Homes Use Bamboo

Carefully selected wood finishes can be a beautiful part of your modern prefab home. However, due to the environmental impacts of deforestation, it’s important to ensure that the woods used for building are not needlessly damaging our environment.

At Cover, we’re committed to creating spaces that enhance the Earth’s environment rather than consume its resources. When you build your prefab ADU or backyard home with us, you can rest easy knowing that the wood finishes in your prefabricated home are sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Cover's built-in bamboo desk and storage
Cover’s built-in bamboo desk and storage

To help reduce the global impact of deforestation, we use bamboo for all of our prefabricated homes’ storage and kitchen cabinetry. Bamboo is an incredible sustainable building material. Compared to traditional hardwoods, it is:

Fast-growing:  Bamboo grows 5 times faster than trees, since it is actually a member of the grass family. It’s therefore far more renewable than hardwood and softwood alternatives. Also, bamboo can be selectively harvested by hand without the need of heavy, fossil-fuel burning equipment.

Cover’s bamboo kitchen cabinetry finished with a white solid surface material
Cover’s bamboo kitchen cabinetry finished with a white solid surface material

Clean:  Bamboo can be grown without the use of irrigation, fertilizers, or harmful pesticides.  It can sequester up to 70% more carbon than a hardwood forest and produces up to 35% more oxygen per acre. All of our bamboo is certified as an ultra low emitting material, meaning that it’s one of the safest materials to use in terms of interior air quality.

Strong and Durable:  Bamboo is an incredibly strong, long-lasting, and durable material and has been proven to be harder than both cherry and oak. In fact, bamboo is so strong that it is still the preferred scaffolding material for skyscraper projects in Hong Kong.


Our bamboo cabinetry is beautiful, long-lasting, and a great step towards building a more sustainable future. It’s one  of the many choices we’ve made to create spaces that enhance the Earth’s environment rather than consume its resources.

About Cover:

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