Hydronic Heating and Cooling for your Prefab Home in Los Angeles

Large floor-to-ceiling glass is a beautiful, modern detail that makes smaller backyard homes feel much larger than they are. At Cover, we use it as part of our ADUs’ sleek modern look and to help truly bring the outside in.

However, this much glass can create an unwanted greenhouse effect. Many builders compensate for this by installing forced-air cooling systems. This is both terrible for the environment and, for some buildings, can cause energy compliance violations (see: Title 24 Energy Regulations.)

At Cover, we solved this problem by adding hydronic heating and cooling to our modular, prefabricated building system. Rather than using ducts and forced-air, our climate control systems work by pumping either hot or cold water though aluminum panels hidden in the ceiling.

Cover’s hydronic panels are recessed into the ceiling. Our system runs either hot or cold water through these aluminum panels to heat or cool a space.

Here are a few specific benefits of our hydronic system:

Energy Efficient:  Hydronic cooling is 40% more energy efficient than a typical forced air system. This allows you to enjoy incredible climate control while drastically reducing your energy consumption.

Comfort:  Our proprietary 6-zone control system allows you to select which areas to heat or cool. This increases comfort and reduces energy wasted on heating or cooling unused spaces (ie. the living room while you are sleeping).

Healthy:  Traditional ducts can introduce particulate matter into your home, worsening allergies and other respiratory issues. Hydronic systems eliminate the need for extensive ducting, making sure your air stays clean and healthy and eliminating uncomfortable localized drafts.

So why isn’t hydronic heating and cooling used everywhere? Hydronic heating and cooling is more common in Europe and Asia. The reason it’s not used as much in the U.S. is largely due to the fact that general contractors are unfamiliar with it and prefer to build what they know.

Thermal imaging showing our radiant cooling at work.


Cover’s hydronic heating and cooling system allows for sleek, modern design while reducing overall energy consumption.

Our hydronic system is one of the many innovations we’ve made to create an uncompromising, beautiful, and sustainable prefabricated building system. It helps us create spaces that enhance the Earth’s environment rather than consume its resources.

About Cover:

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