We obsess over details — the way light reflects off surfaces, how a door handle feels, the framing of a view. These choices transform the living experience of our homes. The result is a personalized space that is unique yet familiar, comfortable yet inspiring.

Windows to the world

Cover spaces feature stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that seamlessly blend the inside of your home with the outside. Replace entire walls and open up your space with more light, expansive views, and less visual clutter. And our custom engineered frames and argon-filled double-paned glass drastically reduce noise pollution for true peace and quiet, and save you up to 40% on energy costs compared from typical window systems.

A space for everything

We’ll customize your built-ins to the needs of you and your family. Our open and closed storage options will give your space a unique look and feel.

Embedded track lighting.

The recessed track lighting system creates a beautiful minimal ceiling surface, while ensuring pleasant natural illumination across your home. And the LED fixtures save you 80% on lighting costs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.


Precision manufactured ceiling, floor, and wall panels, and essentials like cabinetry, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures all fit perfectly together like Lego for a cohesive and modern look.

Top shelf appliances.

We only use the highest quality, longest lasting appliances in our kitchens and bathrooms. From Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerators, to Kohler faucets and wall-mounted toilets.

Sustainable by design.

Cover spaces are built to fit in the environment while minimizing their impact on it. We designed the world’s most energy-efficient minimalist window system and use structural foam insulation and hydronic heating & cooling system to keep your home’s climate just how you like it — and at the lowest cost to you and the planet.

The finishing touches

Choose from a black or white modern exterior-grade composite that protects against dings, drops, and spills. Or choose from our sustainably-sourced exterior-grade hardwoods which are weather-proofed, insulated, and give a natural look to your home.

The Building System

Design your dream space

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