Cover's Building System

Cover’s patent-pending building system connects like life-size LEGO blocks. We can create infinitely many unique floorplans to suit your property and needs out of the same pre-engineered set of parts.

These parts come from Cover’s factory with insulation, structure, waterproofing, electrical, and connectors already installed. Then we truck them to your property and rapidly assemble them in your backyard, without cranes or heavy machinery.

Finite parts, infinite possibilities

Each design is tailored to your needs and designed to take advantage of the natural light, views, and functionality of your property for your way of living. We do this using our component-based system that allows for an infinite number of design possibilities, and our software which creates the right one for you.

A perfect fit, everywhere, every time

Our walls, ceilings, floors, and everything in between are designed and manufactured to work with one another from beginning to end. What you get is a cohesive aesthetic and perfect lines everywhere you look.

Fixed price from the start.

Because we 3D model the entire design down to the last bolt and manufacture in-house, we can tell you exactly how much your project will cost before starting. This allows us to make a fixed price guarantee contract so you know exactly how much to budget down to the penny.

Built to last lifetimes.

Our steel structure, hardwoods, bamboo, and other materials are designed and built to stand the test of time. Inside and outside, every Cover is designed with ease of maintenance in mind.

Lifetime + everything warranties

If something needs to be fixed, have peace of mind with your lifetime structural warranty, 50-year manufacturer warranties, and a 3-year “everything else” warranty.

Sustainable in every sense.

Your project will generate 80% less construction waste using our precision manufacturing than with a general contractor. And our buildings will save you 40% off your annual energy bill due to our insulation and efficient climate control system.

We move fast so you can move in

All that is required is 4-6 weeks on-site time for foundation and hookups, and 1 week for assembly of your Cover unit. When we’re on your property assembly is quiet and clean, because all of the hard work is done in our factory.

Product Features

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