We started Cover to make thoughtfully designed and built spaces accessible to everyone.

We bring cross-disciplinary expertise from design, architecture, software engineering, computational physics, automotive manufacturing, and professional services to build an uncompromisingly high quality product and deliver it through a remarkably enjoyable experience.

Prior to Cover, our team helped build homes from $120 million to modest studios. Over and over we saw people be frustrated at the speed of progress, cost (and other) uncertainties and overruns, and be disappointed with the quality they got at the price they could afford.

This makes the possibility of having your project be on-time, on-budget, high quality, and with your project manager knowing exactly what’s going on at all times, nearly impossible.

If you’ve ever done a new construction or renovation project, you may already know this.

These problems are linked and thus impossible to untangle when using on-site construction, especially for something unique. Most of the time, because of the unpredictability, people end up spending more than they can afford.

Given their constraints, contractors also tend to use lower quality materials meant to increase their profits, but that are neither enduring nor beautiful.

Everybody deserves a better experience and results.

So, we’ve reinvented the entire design, permit, construction, services and even materials from the ground up.

What you get is a stunning space that you will love and love being in, with a design and building process that you will take pride in being a part of.