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Everything about your space should be joyful and something you love, from the process of building it to the space itself.

We’ve put in the work and details on the product and simplified the process to take you from design to move-in in just 6 months.

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Enter your address, and our software will use geo-spatial and zoning data to determine whether and how big you can build on your property. It only takes 1 minute.

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$250 for flat lot / $1,500 for hillside lots • 3 days


We’ll come visit your property, conduct aerial mapping, and gather your design and budget requirements. Our architects and software will generate three custom designs for you to choose from including a 3D visualization that you can walk through on your browser. Pick your favorite, customize it, make any tweaks, and lock in a price guarantee. Your custom designs also come with a visit to our factory so that you can see our process and a finished unit. If your property isn’t a fit, we'll waive or refund the fee.

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$20,000 flat lot / $40,000 hillside lot · 3–4 MONTHS


Filling out forms, coordinating with city officials, and obtaining any necessary permits — you name it, we’ll handle it. Let us repeat: Cover manages 100% of the permitting process. If we can’t get your project permitted, you’ll receive a full refund of your deposit.


Manufacturing & Sitework

Unlike traditional construction, where the unit construction can only start once the foundation and sitework is complete, we do both in parallel, which saves you months of time and noise on your property. We control all aspects the building process and are accountable for both the sitework and manufacturing, which allows us to give you the price guarantee and assure the high quality fit and finish of your space.

FINAL BALANCE · 5-10 days


Stay home and watch your backyard studio come to life, or book a week away and come back to a brand new guest house. Either way, we'll install the entire structure in just a week or two. Really.

We host regular factory tours at our Gardena, CA headquarters on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please email Rico Jaeggi ([email protected]) to schedule.

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