Frequently asked questions

Does Cover do home additions?

While Cover can't build additions attached to your home, we can add detached living space in your back or side yard. For many uses such as a home office, hobby workshop, guest bedroom, or in-law suite, adding a detached structure is ideal because it provides a quiet, private space. Our process allows you to add space without disrupting life inside your home – unlike the several month traditional construction process. And because our structures are built in a factory, assembly on your property takes about a week, depending on size.

Does Cover do renovations?

The high performance and quality of Cover structures is achieved through the tight integration of every element of the design. This isn’t possible when working within the limitations of an existing structure and is the reason we don't do renovations.

Can Cover build two story structures?

We currently only offer one-story structures. At Cover, we like to do a few things, and do them extraordinarily well. That's why we've focussed all our energy on designing and engineering a truly uncompromising single story building system.

How long does it take to build a Cover structure?

Across California permitting a detached “accessory structure” is much faster than a normal renovation, addition, or new home. We’ll take care of this process for you. The permit process typically takes 2-4 months. Once we receive approval from the local zoning department, we can manufacture and install your Cover structure within 12 weeks.

How much do Cover structures cost?

Since each Cover structure is designed specifically for your needs and property, the cost varies depending on the design and property. Most of our structures cost between $300-400 per square foot, all inclusive. You can schedule an on-site design consultation for $250, after which we'll create custom designs for you with pricing.

What kind of spaces can Cover make?

Cover makes all kinds of spaces for residential use. Some examples are: in-law suites, home offices, reading rooms, pool houses, guest rooms, granny flats, kid play zones, party rooms, hobby shops, and painting studios.

More questions?

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